Indy Wedding Planning is based in downtown Indianapolis, serving all of Indiana. Our experienced staff has over 28 years of collective experience in the wedding and special event industry in Central Indiana and abroad, with concentrations in key areas such as event design & coordination, entertainment, culinary arts and photography. We offer not only Planning & Coordination, but also Personal Wedding Assistants, Officiants, Destination Weddings, Concierge Wedding Services and much more.

Planning a wedding can be like walking into a candy store; as you look around and see an endless variety of brightly-colored, sugary-sweet deliciousness, you can easily find yourself wanting everything. At some point, you realize that taking each item that catches your eye only leads to both an empty wallet and a stomach ache!

Indy Wedding Planning specializes in helping you sort through all the glitter and glam to identify a style that is totally you. Care is taken with each couple to ensure that an honest representation of who you are is balanced with your vision of a dream wedding… and the reality of your budget. Just as you and your partner bring out the best in each other, Indy Wedding Planning will reveal the best for your wedding to-be!

We know that some couples prefer to "DIY" and only need our help with a few details, such as picking a photographer. Others come to us early in to process as they need much more guidance, with everything from picking the best date, to securing the perfect venue, all the way through getting their family back to the airport after the wedding.

If you find yourself pulling out your hair, ready to throw in the towel, or wondering if it would be easier to cancel everything and just run to the courthouse to elope… maybe you just need a little help? This is why our service philosophy is to make the process of creating your unique wedding experience as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Come share your vision with our staff and will do our very best to make it happen!

Feeling overwhelmed? Weddings can be stressful, so just ask us for a Quote and tell us how we can help!